Hello to all, 

One of the popular trends this year are the fluffy / furry slide sandals seen on Kylie Jenner  on Instagram. A lot of these fashion savy folks are trying to get a pair. They might be hard to find or expensive so I have a SOLUTION!!!!

Make them YOURSELF !!! DIY TIME 🤗

What you need 

  1. Pair of slides 
  2. Fur boa / feather boa (faux)
  3. Glue gun 

You just glue the fur boa to the top of the band of the slide. I suggest you measure the fur ahead of time because once you put glue on the slide you must immediate place the fur on the material. The glue dries so fast!!!!! 


These slides are perfect for the edgy outfits and comfortable. You can use any color fur or slides. I did a simple black to wear them all the time.  The total cost was under $40 . Can you say affordable and stylish !!!!!! So save your money and DIY!!!!

I didn’t get a chance to record. I’ll post a DIY video up on YouTube  next week.

Thanks for reading kings and queens subscribe subscribe subscribe !! Xoxoxo

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