DIY fluffy/ feather heels 

Hello to all, a few weeks ago I decided to do a DIY wIth fur slides . Now it’s heels time. A fun easy and affordable DIY . 

These heels range about 80- 200 from various designers. Can I say I only spent around  30 ish dollars purchasing the items and doing the DIY. A big money saver with style. 

What you need 

  1. Heels 39.95 JUSTFAB
  2. Feather boa EBay
  3. All purpose glue  (any craft store)
  4. Scissors 

Now there are two methods that you can do. The measure and cut method or The measure and wrap around method.

From there on all you need to do is glue the strap of the heel and apply the feather boa press down hard on the strap and then fluff the boa. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.

Finished product 👌🏾

And there you have your own DIY feather boa fluffy heels … Whoever thought DIY’s would be so easy 😊

Watch my YouTube video to see the visual   DIY FLUFFY HEELS

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