Color Block


col·or·block (‘kələrˌbläk/)
(in fashion and design) denoting or relating to an item characterized by contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright color.
“a color block teal-and-yellow dress”

Hello Kings and Queens,
Styling and putting garments together for a fashionable look and feels like your missing something from your outfit?. Some color always help.

I wore this outfit and I paired my bright green jeans and yellow and navy heels flats with my look. WHAT A POP OF COLOR. You can be as stylish with bland clothes once you bring a funky color out to play … And there goes your fashion statement.

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Colorblock is pairing various colors in your look and making it a great look to share. I was so unsure of this outfit with the prints and colors I wouldn’t have pulled it off. But I sure did.



Shades – Prada

Bodysuit – Fashion Nova

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Tory Burch


Color always wins in fashion, But I do prefer all black as well lol
Thanks for reading and being fashion updated. xoxoxo AhZ

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