Fur Season

Faux fur coat, this is an essential to have in your closet during the fall/winter season When hitting the streets looking fabulous a perfect street style combo.

Lets talk HAIR

My hairstyle choice was cornrows I wanted to add an ” around the way girl” llcool j vibe with some bamboo earrings to finish the touch. The hair jewelry added a little pizazz to the look.

How To Style
A casual look making your coat the statement piece of your outfit. The coat has a fluffy touch look to it. I paired it with tight leggings and sneakers. Yet so casual but so fashionable.


What I Wore
Faux Fur Coat : Brand : A New Day Target

Leggings – whbm 

Sneakers – Pierre Hardy

I recommend Faux Fur, it’s affordable, stylish and animal-friendly. So go out strut and slay your faux fur its literally FUR SEASON !!! xoxoxo AHZ

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