Head Wrap Slay

I love wearing head wraps here I will show you how I slay the day Head wrap STYLE πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾

History of the a head wrap

The headwrap represents far more than a piece of fabric wound around the head.
This distinct cloth head covering has been called variously “head rag,” “head-
tie,” “head handkerchief,” “turban,” or “headwrap. The headwrap usually completely covers the hair, being held in place by tying the ends into knots.


Head wraps Wardrobe

Tassel Earring colorblock

Oversized puff shirt all I can say is detail this shirt is a staple for the closet and such a head turner 😎

Flair chevron print black and white pants finished off the look with Ferragamo boots


Where to BUY

Earrings – Zara
Top – H&M
Bottoms – WHBM
Shoes – Ferragamo


Slay your head wraps style. How do you Style your head wraps with your garbs? Sure you killed it! Fashionably as always


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